Monday, April 12, 2010

Canvas for Laurie

OMG!!! I have been super busy. LOL That seems to be my excuse for a lot of things lately. I have managed to complete a project for my sister though.

Here is a canvas that I created for her. She will be giving it to a very close friend of hers. I am hoping that Pam will like it.

It is a little scary creating something that you know may be hanging on someones wall. You have those thoughts of OMG!!! What if she doesn't like it and it ends up in the back of a remote closet. Hopefully this won't happen and if it does....I hope I never find out. LOL
Thanks for looking and hopefully after my accounting final is done I will have a little more time on my hands. I am hoping to have my CTMH club project done in the next couple of days and will post a sneek peak. That is if everything goes as planned. LOL For those who know me well...very little in my life goes as planned.
Seriously...I just proof read this post and how many times can one person use the words hopefully, hope and hoping......I am really hoping for a lot this week.....I need to find some different descriptive words.....increase the old vocabulary...LOL....maybe I should invest in a thesaurus. Is that how you spell it??
FYI if you are wondering what My Person means it is like saying best friends just in a different way.