Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Caden's Baby Shower

Last year Calvin and I hosted a baby shower for our God Child Caden. I had a lot of fun planning and throwing the party.

This is Caden our beautiful God Child.

Yes he is a cutie.

Here are the proud moma and papa. Colleen and Ross.

This is the diaper cake that I made. They are very easy to make but are a little pricy but well worth the price and I would definitly do it again. I found the instructions on U tube. There are dozens of different videos on how to create them.

This picture is of a memory game we played. I purchased a few baby items and had Colleen and Ross bring a few. As you can see I arranged them on a cookies sheet. Then I had my lovely daughter McKenzie walk around with tray. Everyone had a quick look and had to write down what they remembered was on the tray. I only gave them a couple of minutes to write everything down. I had a prize to give to the winner. I didn't take pics of the prizes but if I remember correctly this one was some candles I purchased at the dollar store. I wrapped them up nicely in a basket and some cellophane.

These baggies are the props for the next game we played. It is basically a feely game. I put a bunch of different baby items in the bags and they had to feel around the bag, without opening it, and try and guess what was in the bag. They had to write down what they thought was in the bag. I had Colleen open all the bags and show everyone what was in them and then the person with the most write answers got the prize. I think this prize was some bath stuff wrapped up in a basket and some cellophane.

Here is a picture of part of the food table. I had tonnes of different h'ord'oeuvres, dips, cup cakes, fruit and veggies. It is not all on the table. This picture was taken before the party started.

These are the thank you bags I made for everyone to take home. I put a few candies and a scented T light candle in each bag. I wrapped the candle in some cellophane and tied it with a small ribbon.

And finally here is a pic of the gracious host and hostess. LOL Calvin and I.

It was a great day and I think fun was had by all.

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