Friday, January 8, 2010


Ok, to start the story off do you remember the saying "When the cat's away the mice will play" Well, this week nothing has ever been closer to the truth. LOL

My hubby is in the "far north", Pachinak (is that how you spell it??) to be more specific. He left on Monday of this week and won't be home until the weekend of the 18th.

Monday after work I discovered a bag of chocolate that had a hole chewen in it and yes something had been nibbeling at the chocolate inside. Upon further investigation I found overwhelming evidence that we definitely, most postively had a mouse. :0

That evening I called Calvin's mom and dad and they lent me a trap. I also asked my wonderful father-in-law if he would come and dispose of the mouse for me. So, Tuesday afternoon I set my first trap. I decided that peanut butter was the bate I was going to use. The first mistake I made was after putting the peanut butter on the 'used' trap I absent mindedly put the knife back in the peanut butter jar. Yep I sure did. So, an entire 1kg jar of crunchy peanut butter is now garbage. I didn't want to dispose of it until after I caught the mouse so my very clever daughter decided it would be our best interest to label the jar.


I finally got the mouse trap set. I was very proud of myself. It was my first mouse trap.


I have to say that I was secretly hoping that I didn't catch a mouse. I know that they are dirty rodents but in their own way they are cute little critters.

Ok so, Tuesday night I came home after work and checked the trap and the wiley little mouse managed to eat the peanut butter but not set off the trap. So, I use the 'Mouse Only' peanut butter and reset the trap. We went about our business as usual. The next morning I check the trap and the damn thing ate the peanut butter again and didn't set off the trap. I am thinking sheesh!!! This is a really sneaky mouse. So, of course I set the trap again. Go off to work and come back at lunch and AGAIN he eats the peanut butter and manages not to set off the trap.

I must say that I am getting a little annoyed. The next morning, it is Wednesday now, the peanut butter is gone and I still have no mouse. That night I check the trap and yes once again he has managed to eat the peanut butter and escape. Now I am on a mission and I set the trap again. I even set it off to make sure it is working.

The kids and I eat supper and Cody proceeds to tell me that he heard the mouse in the walls last night. I am thinkg holy @#$%!! this can't be good.

Thursday morning I check the trap and, my god, the damn thing did it again. Now, I am seriously not a happy camper. I told my coworkers about my mouse wooows thinking they may have some advise. Well, they do and then they tell me all these mouse horror stories about infestations and exterminators and babies and the reproduction rate of these nasty things.

I am little nervous now thinking I may have to take some drastic measures. Thursday at lunch the peanut butter is gone and I still have not mouse. Thursday and supper time the peanut butter is gone and I Still Have No Mouse.

By now I am thinking I must be the worst mouse hunter on the planet. I mean can anyone set a trap 6 times and not catch a mouse. Really?? Are they that smart???

Friday morning I check the trap again and yes I am not joking the peanut butter is gone and I STILL HAVE NO MOUSE!!!!!!!!! Friday at lunch (I can't believe I am being out smarted by a mouse) the peanut butter is gone and no mouse. You must be thinking by now, can any one have this much bad luck?? Well, I can. Cause I came home after work and the peanut butter is gone and I have no mouse.

So, I thought I will fix that mouse. I put a tone of peanut butter in the trap and on the trap. There was peanut butter everywhere. Kenzie and I went to Paper Trails for the late night crop and I came home and ...........



But now I have a serious problem. I can't call my in-laws because it is too late and I have to dispose of the mouse myself. I don't think I have ever missed Calvin so much. The worst part was I couldn't even phone him. (no cell service in the 'far north') I have to thank one of my BFF's Tammy for talking me through it. I don't think I could have done it wthout her. I am such a suck. That was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I felt so bad for the little guy.

I have reset the trap and I am seriously hoping that was the one and only mouse. Does it get easier??

So, yes when MY HUBBY is away the mice will play.


  1. Oh my!! Where is the "pool" of blood! You are very are a certified mouse catcher now! Luv ya!

  2. Thanks Leanne for that Oh-so-telling story! Love the last line, wayyy to fitting for the situation!! Thanks again for Sunday!!

  3. I been there and done that. Glad you caught the little critter and hope there aren't anymore. Love how you told the story.